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Peerless Pro Series Discontinued?

Dave MDave M Member Posts: 31
I just cleaned a Peerless Pro Series water boiler and it needs a new ceramic insulation board on the top half inside the swing door. It's just half inch ceramic board held on with 4 bolts and if the edge of it sticks to the block it destroys that insulation when you open the door to clean it. You know how soft and fragile that ceramic insulation board is.

Peerless doesn't have any, they say it's "obsolete". I also don't see the Pro series boilers on their website any more. I'm guessing they discontinued it?? It's hard to hear that I can't can't get parts when it's only 4 years old.

I can make a piece with Lynn rigid board but I'm wondering if I'd be better off to cut a piece of stainless that exact shape instead. This never sees flame, it's on the top part of a triple pass. There are already stainless baffles right there that are fine in this environment. Thoughts?

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