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high ceiling ... BB - Rads matter?

SUPER80SUPER80 Member Posts: 5
So I’ve seen many posts on here on hot water baseboard vs. radiators.  For the most part radiators win hands down as the way to go.  A lot of folks state the comfort level from radiators is the reasoning.  My question(s) is when is baseboard better for a room than radiators?


Also, how does the height of the room affect the determination of using baseboard or radiators?  For this house the basement has a ceiling height of approx. 7 ft.  The first floor has ceiling height of approx. 13 ft.  The basement has an open floor concept with two bedrooms.  The first floor has the same with the inclusion of bathroom and kitchen.  The dining room and living room measures approx. 22 ft. long by approx. 14 ft. across.


This house is over 50 years old and appears there were previous renovations to achieve the concept.  Heat source: Gas boiler hot water.  It appears at one point there were radiators but now two eight foot long baseboard (one in the dining room and one in the living room) is installed.  I can’t imagine much comfort from this especially here in north Jersey.  


My buddy just got the house 4 months ago so we have no idea about the heating situation at this time.  He like the comfort of radiators (from his previous apartment of two bedrooms with about 9 ft ceiling).  I suggest he runs additional base board along the entire wall instead of the two – eight ft. he has.  Was I wrong or does anyone have a better solution to this.  **He is not interested in running air ducts in his house so that out of the questions…not to mention he’s on a budget since he spent quite a bit on this fixer-up project.  There is this huge window in the living room (like 7 ft long by 6ft high)...i suggested he run a baseboard under there as well.


Out of curiosity, if budget was not an issue what are some options but such a situation?  I’ve seen a post that mention ceiling based radiators (???).  Any info on those?


  • BB vs. panel radiators

    Baseboard is a cheap solution for heating a room.  The problem is, there is often not enough wall length to install enough BB to heat the room properly.  And very often, whoever installs the BB doesn't do the math and installs less BB than required to heat the room properly.

    Radiators look much better and are more expensive than BB.  Often, homeowners will choose the cheaper solution.

    As far as higher ceilings, a room with a 13 foot ceiling has more volume than the same room with a 7 foot ceiling.  If there is an outside wall, there is more infiltration and the heating needs will be greater.  Longer lengths of BB or a larger radiator.

    Choose a good heating professional to make the calculations you need to size your heat emitter, whether it be BB or a radiator.
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