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Teeny steam generator :-) question

Okay, I know this site is for information on steam heating systems and NOT steam shower generators, but I can't find any help elsewhere and the theory is the same, maybe?

I live in Florida, and the obvious answers to my problem are 1) buy a new generator or 2) step outside when I want a steam shower. I have to live with solution number 2 until I earn more cash (a new generator from a reputable company, in addition to costing around $1000 +, also requires a plumber to install a drain line and an electrician to add a cord to the generator or step down my 220 V outlet to accept the only plug-in generator (110 V) I could locate) or -- maybe you smart folks can tell me how to repair my existing generators.

I currently have two 13 year-old SteamPro 120 Jacuzzi generators. One generator is sufficient for my shower, but neither work. Both generators start to generate steam, then switch to boiling water that bubbles out of the spout, kills any steam, and becomes lukewarm water by the time it spews out of the shower steam nozzle. I have followed the manufacturer troubleshooting directions to demineralize the units, and I have rinsed at least one of them until the water runs clear (okay, maybe just a few copper specks).

This generator has its drain plug factory sealed, so to demineralize I have to remove the unit from the shower and pour out of its steam outlet. There is no pressure gauge or pressure vent that I can see. There is one switch connected with stiff copper wire that is labeled "reset" on the exterior housing, and "temperature sensing" when I look at it inside the housing.

I am enclosing photos of the interior of the generator housing.

Do you have any ideas on how I can get one of the generators to produce steam without a boil-over? If not, is buying a cheapo steam generator from a Chinese Ebay vendor as poor an idea as I think it would be? ("American" steam generators are usually manufactured in China.)

Thank you for playing with my problem.


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