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Prestige excellence water piping with recirc

TLMTLM Member Posts: 23
Im trying to make heads or tails of their piping schematic. I am in MA and have a second diptube as per mfg instruct. I don't understand why I cant bring the recirc line back to that connection instaed of using what they show as a "cross" in the CW line. Any thoughts would be appreciated  Have done plenty of solo.s w indirects.
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  • ZmanZman Member Posts: 3,516

    The  idea is that the water does not want to be forced through the indirect tank.If it is, it defeats the mixing valve. The returning water should have an equal opportunity to go through the hot or cold side of the mixer, depending on the position of the valve. Some of the water may go through the tank in order to raise the temp a bit, some may bipass through the cold side. Keep in mind that during recirc, there is no flow from the domestic cold. It has to use the same recirculating water.

    An easier way to pipe it is to use mixer with a recirc port. The Honeywell AM series works well.

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