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Fluidmaster 400A

I recently replaced that 1" gasket under the Cap, but I'm sure the unit is older than 5 years.  The instructions on the replacement gasket say I should replace the whole unit.  Has anyone seen a catastrophic failure because it was just older than 5 years? 


  • kevinkevin Posts: 61

    5 years old, you are fine, I have seen many way older than that.
  • bob youngbob young Posts: 2,174

    if fluidmaster products were any cheaper they would be paying you to use them. open up your pockbook & replace the whole thing.  the labor is the same , get a grip.
  • billtwocasebilltwocase Posts: 2,385
    throw-away society

    that is whet is encouraged. If the washer replacement works, go for it. They sell more complete units if they recommend replacing the whole valve. It means more $$$$
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