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Beckett AFG Stalls

vegavega Member Posts: 2
Boiler fires right up , but stalls within about one minute. It was turned 10 months ago, even the  electrodes were changed.  But to be on the safe side , I  cleaned boiler, Changed filter, strainer and cad photo cell , Fuel lines were blown clean , fuel is bright pink. It fires up each time but won't remain on 


  • SteamheadSteamhead Member Posts: 11,337
    If you had to clean it out after 10 months

    it wasn't set up properly to begin with, You need a pro to fix this, but not the one that was there last time. Try the Find a Contractor page of this site. 
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  • vegavega Member Posts: 2
    Beckett AFG Stalls

    Actually it didn't need to  be clean , since I was trouble shooting I figured I might as well vacuum it , there was no soot build up .It was the cleanest it's ever been. The nozzle , the strainer and filter were all in very good condition, none of them needed to be changed , I just thought if I was taken it a part I would changed everything that was easy to get too. I didn't want to make 4 trips to the store. Thanks for reading my post and replying to my situation   
  • JStarJStar Member Posts: 2,668

    What were the combustion numbers?
    - Joe Starosielec
    [email protected]
  • Alan WelchAlan Welch Member Posts: 42
    Stalls ?

    A car stalls. Not an oil burner.  Are you having to push the reset every minute? or is the burner sputtering due to fuel supply issues (underground tank ? )  sounds like you need a good technician to troubleshoot , or we need more info  to help you diagnose.
  • Jim DavisJim Davis Member Posts: 578
    burner shutting down

    If you have a 2-line system the problem is simple, you are losing prime.  If that is a newer burner with the interrupted spark I would expect this to happen.  I don't recommend either one.  Need to go to single line or constant(intermiitent)  spark.
  • Ed N.Y.C.Ed N.Y.C. Member Posts: 68

    oil is bright pink ? sounds like h2o in oil.should be red  ED N.Y.C.
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