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IBC's VFC 15-150 boiler - Improvements & 10 year anniversary

SpeyFitterSpeyFitter Member Posts: 420
IBC's VFC 15-150 (10 to 1 turn down, modulates from 15,000 go 150,000 BTUH) has been out since 2003, with the same easy to use & set up digitial controller (with a few software revisions since). I have serviced a couple original 2003-2004 15-150's that were around 7 years old at the time and hadn't been touched and with the exception of requiring a little heat exchanger cleaning, they were running like tops and the heat exchangers were still a ways away from even being closed to plugging up (they have a patented downfiring water coil heat exchanger on the 15-150 and 45-225). IBC has been in the condensing boiler business since 1994 in North America, and they're still the only residential boiler manufacturer other than Viessmann, to use 316 Ti in some of their heat exchangers.

Anyways, IBC has made a few improvements to the 15-150 - they now have a removeable cover and removeable refractory section on the top of the heat exchanger to better access & clean the heat exchanger. Before you had to pull the burner out and try and work through the burner hole, which wasn't bad for most, but this improvement to date has definately made a big difference in the ability to clean & service the heat exchanger.

There are also some PP-R fittings available now that work with the downfiring termination of the flue that comes out of the bottom of the IBC heat exchanger. The heat exchanger in the IBC 15-150 is a 95 pounds alone, and you will be hard pressed to find a more efficient heat exchanger accross the breadth of the firing range as this large mass of all the coils just soaks up the heat.

Another thing worth noting is IBC is having a 10 year anniversary promotion if you buy one of their 15-150's, 45-225,'s, or SL80-399's. Note - the anniversary is not celebrating IBC being out 10 years, it's celebrating the fact the 15-150 has been out 10 years - IBC itself is due to celebrate it's 20th anniversary next year as a company that produces condensing boilers since 1994.

Also, I've been told by some in the know, that IBC has something, or some new product(s) on the horizon in the coming monthes. It's an exciting time if you're in the hydronic heating business. With this, and the new Vitodens boilers, theres some cool stuff out there for mod-con boiler junky's.
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  • Paul PolletsPaul Pollets Member Posts: 3,022
    Selling the IBC

    Surprised they never set up a Seattle rep. or distributor. I've worked on several and they're very well made.

    Although after seeing Viessmann's new price list, there's finally a boiler line that has higher pricing than V.

    Now we can badmouth the Canadians rather than the Germans...
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