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Splitting steam system in a duplex

I own a side by side duplex with a one pipe steam system. The boiler had a problem and needs to be replaced and I hope to take this opportunity to split the utilities by splitting the system into 2 boilers. The piping in the basement tells me that each apartments radiators are not intermingled...that is, of the 4 big pipes above the boiler, 2 go to one apartment, and 2 to the other. I know I need to size the boilers based on the radiators in each apartment. Can anyone tell me if this conversion sounds possible? Are there other potential problems (even if the boilers are sized correctly)?



  • SteamheadSteamhead Member Posts: 11,382
    If the steam piping is already split

    then two boilers are the way to go. Make sure the return lines are properly split also. 
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    Make sure the piping is truly split. Shut off rads in one apartment and test. Repeat for other apartment just to be sure. Make sure you can find properly sized boiler. At one boiler per apartment that might be an issue. Best thing you can do is to get a stream pro to evaluate. Getting a steam pro might be hardest part of job
  • Charlie from wmassCharlie from wmass Member Posts: 3,925
    Getting a steam pro is easy

    he already found the Wall. Even if the smallest boiler is a bit over sized it is still a Great Idea to split the heat with two boilers. Tenant will not just open their window if it gets too hot if they have to pay for the heat. It will also make it easier to balance the heat. If the boiler is to large you install a vaporstat as it shuts off the boiler at a low pressure, boilers that are shut off burn no fuel. If your in Mass then call me we can talk.
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