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Help me choose system for midsize new england house

RekonnRekonn Member Posts: 15
Hello, which of these two systems would you choose? I have a 2100 sqft 2 floor house built in 1928 with attic and basement in Arlington MA. I've had two contractors do manual J calculations, both came up with ~66k heating btu load. I plan to finish the basement (~900sqft) in the next year or two. Both options are very similar in price, so that's not really a factor.

System 1: AC + hydro air

First floor:

2.5 ton Carrier FV4CNF002 fan coil with ECM motor AHRI #3657139 and hot water coil in basement

Second floor:

2 ton Carrier FV4CNF002 fan coil with ECM motor AHRI #3657138 and hot water coil in attic

Two condensing units installed outside on plastic pad, Carrier 24ACC630A and Carrier 24ACC624A

Buderus GB142-30 condensing gas boiler, 96% AFUE

reuse existing indirect water heater

save cast iron baseray baseboards currently on first floor for when basement eventually finished

System 2: AC + furnace

First Floor:

80,000 BTU Trane XV95 Variable speed Furnace, XB14 3 ton Trane condenser, Trane 3 ton coil

Second Floor:

60,000 BTU Trane XV95 Variable Speed Furnace, XB14 2 ton Trane condenser, Trane 2 ton coil ( Furnace boxed in attic to keep insulated )

2410 April Air Filter

Model 400 April Air humidifier ( basement only)

Furnace sized for future basement zone

new 50 gal gas hot water heater


  • JStarJStar Member Posts: 2,668

    What type of system is in the house now?
    - Joe Starosielec
    [email protected]
  • RekonnRekonn Member Posts: 15
    oil steam

    Currently have steam radiators and baseray baseboards powered by an oil boiler. Also have an Amtrol indirect water heater. If you'd like pics and additional details, you can look at this thread, LINK. I was looking into all options at first, but have since found out my wife is against radiators in general. House now has a gas line.
  • heatpro02920heatpro02920 Member Posts: 991
    If I had to choose I would

    want system number 1, but if I was installing it, it would be a Triangle tube Prestige solo boiler, with first company hydro air units, armstrong condensing units and a rinnai condensing water heater....

    But thats just me... what they are proposing will be a nice system, and I like the Buderus boilers as well...

    Most important thing to keep in mind is choose a contractor that you trust and like what their previous work looks like... Sounds like you got someone good, since they did perform a heat loss calc, that is half the battle...
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