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AFG which pump pressure and nozzle size

hollisavhollisav Member Posts: 4
I have a old peerless jot-tw100 with a Beckett afg.

I am in the process of tuning it up and it has a new clean cut pump running at 100 psi with a .85 80d type b nozzle in it. I was on Becletts site and found that their manual for the jot-tw100 called for a .85 80d type a running at 140 psi.

Should I crank up my pump to 140 psi and put in a .75 80d type a sense I am under firing it anyways? I am trying to get a little more life out of the furnace. Do I need the low fire rate baffle if i go to the .75?

Will I get a cleaner burn if I do this?

What would you guys do?




  • Jim DavisJim Davis Member Posts: 578
    pump pressure

    100# pressure for oil is based on oil being heated to 100 degrees.  Keep the .85 nozzle and raise the pressure.  Underfiring does nothing but increase fuel usage.
  • northernboilernorthernboiler Member Posts: 51
    OEM Burner Specs

    The OEM specs for your boiler & burner as follows:

    AFG F-3= Head 3 3/8" =Static Plate .85 80^ A (hollow)= Nozzle

    Air Settings: 6.0 Air Shutter 1 Air Band

    Fuel Pressure: 140 psi

    C02- max 13% while maintaing a smoke & -.01 to -.02 overfire draft

    ** NO Low Fire rate Baffle **
  • hollisavhollisav Member Posts: 4
    Best Place To Take Pressure With Buner Running

    Should I tee into the nozzle line to check run and cut off pressure or can I use the port that is below the nozzle line that looks like a port for another bleeder?


  • SteamheadSteamhead Member Posts: 11,373
    You should

    call a professional.
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  • hollisavhollisav Member Posts: 4

    you took things the wrong way. I own a combustion tester a manometer a smoke spot tester and a pressure gauge and can set up my burner. The only problem is setting the fuel pressure on this clencut pump. It doesn't have a port on top like the old pumps and I just want to do it right.

    Again I am sorry if I offended you.

  • burnermanburnerman Member Posts: 296
    nozzle line

    If you have a pressure gauge only.. I have one that goes from nozzle port to drawer assembly.. put the gauge to nozzle line use small screwdriver to adjust pump pressure to 140 the use test intruments to ck settings..
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