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Air Lock

PcastanonPcastanon Member Posts: 2

I am helping my father out with his oil burner. He ran out of oil, I noticed a large amount of sludge in line blew out line, switched filters and nozzles and cleaned pump screen. Motor has play all looks well. I tired purging the line and I am bone dry. I cannot get any oil to pull through? Is it the pump that needs to be replaced or should I use a suction pump to get the oil up to burner then reconnect?


  • STEVEusaPASTEVEusaPA Member Posts: 1,499
    Could be a number of things....

    Was it working before you started working on it? If so...

    1. Check for proper installation of pump gasket, if its a Suntec there's a right and wrong way to put it on.

    2. Check gasket & seal of oil filter.  If the gasket isn't installed and sealed tight, it will suck air all day.  Open it back up.  I usually wipe a little heating oil around both sides of gasket. 

    1 & 2 are pretty important, but even more important if its a lift job vs. a gravity job.

    Then you're going to need to power purge it.

    If that doesn't work, let us know, although at this point you're going to need a pro..
  • PcastanonPcastanon Member Posts: 2
    air lock

    Thanks Steve, I had double checked all gaskets, I checked the oil line for any pin holes, I didn't find anything unusual. I decided to change the pump to a newer one with the notion that all the sludge that passed though the system must have clogged it. As soon as I replaced we struck black gold. All is working well now. Thanks for the help.
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