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Taco ZVC403 help

1buddy1buddy Member Posts: 5
i would be grateful if someone help me to be sure I have this figured out correctly.

I am looking to use a Taco ZVC403 to control a Crown Aruba boiler with 3 zones. There is a Honeywell zone control valve on each of the zones. A Taco pump feeds all three zones. No DHW involved. Looks to me like I am supposed to disconnect the pump from the boiler and wire it in to the Taco controller. The Zone valves and Thermostats look straight forward however I am supposed to wire the Taco Control to the aquastat on the boiler. Where on the boiler I am dealing with would i look?



  • ZmanZman Member Posts: 3,478

    There is no reason to move the circulator to the taco. You just have one circ, correct?

    If you wire the t-stats per the manual and run a low voltage wire from the "isolated end switch" on the taco to the "TT" on the boiler you should be good to go. You don't have to worry about which wire goes on which terminal on that connection, it is just a switch.

    Make sure to turn the zone 3 priority off.

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  • 1buddy1buddy Member Posts: 5
    Thank you...

    ...for taking the time to help.
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