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Opinions Wanted!!

BrianOBrianO Member Posts: 11
I need to replace my boiler. I have a small split ranch in the Hudson Valley. I use fuel oil, and would like advice on which boiler might be my best choice for replacement. 75000BTU's would be more than enough, and I'm currently getting my domestic hot water through the coil. I'm open to other domestic hot water options (indirect tank, etc) What is the best Bang for my Buck For a New Boiler for My Home? Thanks to all for your advice!


  • Robert O'BrienRobert O'Brien Member Posts: 2,939
    Triple pass w/indirect

    I prefer Buderus, Biasi or Viessmann and many others are fine too!
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  • BrianOBrianO Member Posts: 11
    Buderus G115WS/3

    I was considering the Buderus G115WS/3 over a Burnham 3 section cast iron with coil. There's also a New Yorker that's similar to the Burnham for about $200 less, but I was thinking the Buderus may be the better option. It's a better efficiency I believe.
  • earl burnermannearl burnermann Member Posts: 126
    Triple pass boilers

    are the way to go. The Buderus and Baisi are both triple pass systems. I have a baisi B10-4 system in my home and it appears that it would be a very good match for your home if your btu rating is correct. The Basi B10-4 has an output of 84,000 btu/hr and is over 86% efficient. I make my hot water with a phase III indirect. This year I purchased 400 gallons for the year for a  1000 square foot, three bedroom ranch on Long Island. I keep the temp at 70 degrees in the winter.
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  • Charlie from wmassCharlie from wmass Member Posts: 3,925
    Trio boiler

    with Riello and an indirect. Available at F.W.Webbs. It is a rebadged Biasi.
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  • BrianOBrianO Member Posts: 11
    Opinions Wanted!!

    Just to let those of you who were kind enough to respond; I ended up with a Buderus G115WS/4 with indirect water storage tank as a fourth zone. It's running at 89% and I'm happy with the outcome. Thanks to all of you for your support.
  • R ManninoR Mannino Member Posts: 422
    edited May 2013
    Could Have

    saved a buck or two by getting the G115WS/3.

    Did you get ODR?
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