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Taco 5000 O- Rings

Have 3 Taco 5000's (1/2") 3- way valves leaking out from under the adjustment knob. Found the replacement instructions on Taco's site but no where can i find the part number for the parts kit. Can anybody help with this. I just want to make sure i get the right kits when I order them from my local supply house. Thanks!


  • heatpro02920heatpro02920 Member Posts: 991
    Tough call

    5001-001rp is the number on the element kits I stock on my trucks, but the problem is that costs me almost as much as a new valve , so I normally change out the valve, its faster, easier, and guaranteed to work, vs pulling apart a corroded old valve, and reusing the body...

    Good luck, another option is to call Taco, and see if they will send you a seal kit, they are really easy to work with...
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