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Testing Allanson Transformer on gas burner

icesailoricesailor Member Posts: 7,265
Is there a way to test a secondary one end ground transformer? I've never been able to accurately test Mid-Point oil burner transformers and the old screw driver trick usually worked just fine.

But I got a call yesterday that this burner wouldn't run on gas so I told them to switch to oil which is just a flip of a switch.

The burner (on gas) would go through the sequences and the solenoid would open but no pilot flame for the trial. I messed around and checked the gas pressure in the pilot pressure. There's an "Issue" with that but it isn't the problem. It then would light and run. But after numerous cycles, it stopped. Futzing around with the secondary lead, it started, then stopped after a while. I put my amp clamp in the primary (120 volts) wires and when the call for the gas valve and transformer was made, it showed amperage and always started. It never misfired again but I don't trust it. And I'm not a "Parts Changer". Since first having the gas part of this burner started a couple of months ago, the gas side has run flawlessly until yesterday.

I have one of those transformer testers that I have had for years but doesn't work on the mid point transformers Maybe if I can find it, it would work on this one.

Looking for guidance.

Its an Allanson Cat. # 1092 PF with 6,000 secondary voltage.


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