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Question on sizing flat plate heat exchangers

So I am designing a system for my home as a project for the system design class I am attending. My home is heated by a oil fired hot water boiler and baseboard. I could just design the ac side for this class but I’m thinking of also including a hot water coil which would eliminate the baseboard. I completed the Manual J for my home and it states that my heat loss is 65,400 Btu/hr.

My plan is to use a flat plate heat exchanger, the type of heat exchanger that the system 2000 uses to make domestic hot water using a plain electric water storage tank,  to supply a 50/50 premix of glycol to the coil. My problem is that I am having trouble finding the Btu ratings of these devices. Also, the specific heat of glycol is .85. So I figure the flat coil would have to be rated at 75,000 btu/hr right?


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