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Got a Favorite ways to get ride of monoflo systems?

HillyHilly Member Posts: 367
I've come across an old system that has a single loop in the basement that leaves very little head room. Do you guys have a favorite way to update this type system? Manifold, does anyone ever just re-pipe the monoflo system and put the single pipe loop through the floor joists? Just trying to get the ball rolling and what others like to do here. I'm going to look at the system myself tomorrow to see what type of emitters it has, how many, how many, etc.

Thanks to anyone that took the time to read this and double thanks should anyone reply.


  • JaredMJaredM Member Posts: 57
    Update Monoflow

    Most people just leave it as is and install a new boiler.  There is a certain elegant simplicity with a well designed monflow system. 

    If you were hell bent on gaining some headroom in the basement two options that come to mind are: 1) extend the (usually) 1/2" risers with heating pex back to a central mainfold -or- 2) re-pipe in reverse return fashion and keep all the piping in the joist bays. 
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