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Need Help With Honeywell Relay

Big-AlBig-Al Member Posts: 263
The main control relay on my Burnham IN-5 boiler started buzzing loudly this weekend.  I replaced it with one from the old boiler I took out last year, and it's working quietly again.  I'd like to get a brand new relay, but I can't find the exact match on any of the online supply house sites and the cross-reference information I can find is confusing.

This is the bad one:

Honeywell R8222K 1000, 24V 50/60 HZ

It appears to be a simple 2-pole normally open relay with just 4 terminals . . . 2 coil terminals and 2 contact terminals . . . but maybe it has an internal resistor or something.

There seems to be a lot of general-purpose R8222 relays out there, most of them with extra terminals I won't use.  For example, the R8222 D 1014 seems like it would plug right in, but the solenoid coil looks larger, perhaps higher wattage.  Could somebody clue me in on what would work?  


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