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Heat Loss up chimney for water heater

JfontoJfonto Member Posts: 43
Anyone know what the heat loss for a chimney,with only a hot water heater on it , would be.

I'm think of going to a direct vent unit and block off chimney.


  • JfontoJfonto Member Posts: 43
    To be specific,

    what's the heat loss from the draft drawing out heated air and sucking in cold?
  • chapchap70chapchap70 Member Posts: 130
    It Depends

    Obviously, the colder the outside temperature and/or the higher the water temperature in the heater, the greater the heat loss.  A direct fired water heater can lose 8 degrees per hour when really cold.  A direct vented water heater will have heat loss as well (maybe not quite as much?) unless there is insulated venting with a damper (which I'm not sure is available or practical). 

    My thinking without really investigating it is it would not pay to do this.
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