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HTP Versa Series

HousedocHousedoc Member Posts: 66
HTP has two interesting products for combination heating and water heating. I wonder why they offer products which do the same thing differently. In other words, when would you use one versus the other

The Versa-Hydro heats 119 gallons of potable water. A Space Heating Module, consisting of a brazed plate heat exchanger and a variable speed circulator, attached to the tank. It pushes potable water through one side of the exchanger and the heating water moves through the other side.

The Versa-Flame comes in 50 gallon capacity. The 50 gallons is non-potable, operating at boiler pressure and used as the heating fluid. A circulator pushes boiler water through the brazed plate with potable on the other side for DHW.

The Versa-Hydro has a first hour rating of 335 gallons. After the tank is depleted, it will still recover 230 gallons per hour at a 70 degree F rise.

The Versa-Flame has a first hour rating of 300 gallons. Then it will do 288 gallons recovery at 77 degrees F rise. In other words, about the same, but a little better recovery.

So why offer both? Any ideas????


  • icesailoricesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    It depends:

    Some folks like a little hot water (DHW) with their heat. Others like a little heat with their hot water (DHW).  It depends on how you look at it or whay you want to do..

    But I have to ask, what is the difference in how the system works with a flat plate HX or a coil stuck inside of a boiler with potable water run through it to extract heat energy out of the boiler?
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