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Boiler, Indirect, Oil tanks, for sale..

I have a customer that is switching to geothermal, they want to sell me their used equipment, I will obviously buy it from them to get the geo job, but really don't need the stuff or have any more room to put it..

Everything was installed in 2008 when the house was built, located in N east CT can deliver to CT or Ri or Massachusets...

Dunkirk 3 section oil fired boiler less coil, Beckett burner, very good shape, I cleaned and maintained this unit since they built the house. Boiler was always clean and hardley used, they have a wood stove in the basement and first floor with a gas log in their bedroom, they told me they use about 400 gallons of oil a year at the most...

An indirect water tank, its a 70 gallon I forget the brand {obviously I didnt do the original install, I was too busy when they were building}.

and 2 330 gallon oil tanks with all the piping, filters, lines, and gauge set..

They want $1500 for everything, this is a real good deal since the indirect costs almost that... Hurry before I bring it to my shop, Or if anyone is interested Installed for $4000....

It is all still connected but I am pulling it this week, my wells were done last year and my Water furnace just got in, so their Geo system will be up and running in less than a day...


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