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Anyone else use this trio setup?

sproordasproorda Member Posts: 4
I just got done installing a trio boiler for my girlfriends parents. They had a early 90's 130k btu peerless with a coil that was on its way out. I compared the 3 section trio against a few others and for the price and setup, its very hard to beat. I got it with the energy manager plus II which has a built in honeywell aq250 zoning relay with prepurge and hydrolevel 3250 that does ODR with supply and return sensors for thermal targeting. It all comes prewired so its very easy to install. I also ordered the purepro 40 gal indirect tank which is a amtrol.


  • heatpro02920heatpro02920 Member Posts: 991
    I have a few I service

    Nice job on the install, you may want to install a tee on the bottom of that smoke pipe, I would have kicked it about 24" out of the ceiling, with an offset and a tee then 90'ed down into a tee for the draft control then into the unit, smoke pipe looks like it sees its share or moisture...

    What burner did you choose they run very well with the Riello but the units with Beckets seem to be trouble...

    I haven't installed any since we use Buderus but the last time I checked pricing the Buderus was less expensive, maybe Ill have to look back into them... I wish they made a tiny sub 60K btu oil fired model...
  • sproordasproorda Member Posts: 4
    good idea

    i am going to replace that 90 with a tee. thanks, yeah i should have done something different with the flue, but i was crunched for time and just placed the new boiler where the old one was.

    I put on the Riello f3 burner. They seem to be alot more reliable than the becketts.

    I think when I was pricing boilers the trio was about $400 less than a 3 section buderus. And then the energy manager was quite a bit less than the logamatic.

    Yeah unfortunately this is the smallest the boiler is made and it is 79k btu net
  • heatpro02920heatpro02920 Member Posts: 991
    Not a huge deal

    with the smoke pipe, I have a bad habit of looking at peoples work and thing about what I would do different, I think its from looking at my employees work all the time... But it looks good, are you a pro or DIY? I also like to put the exp tank at least 18" away from the smoke pipe, they seem to last longer and some inspectors will mention it if they are close to the heat....

    The Riello was a good choice, the Becketts are great burners and have their place but their static pressure isnt a good match for a triple pass boiler.... I like to install tiger loops with Riellos too especially if its an overhead line..
  • sproordasproorda Member Posts: 4
    Me to

    Yeah I do the same with other people's work. Not always a bad thing. I went to school at northwestern Ohio for HVAC and now I've been working for a small company for about four years. We do commercial and residential. Anything oil up to about 45 gal an hour. A lot of variety. When we install residential it's usually buderus, but when I saw the price of the trio I decided to try it out at my gfs parents. I think it's going to save then quite a bit of fuel. Very pleased with the trio so far.
  • earl burnermannearl burnermann Member Posts: 126
    boiler looks farmiliar

    That boiler sure does look a lot like the Biasi boiler I have down in my basement.
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  • heatpro02920heatpro02920 Member Posts: 991
    just pick a color scheme...

    you like red get the solaia, orange get the Biasi, and grey get the trio, lol... All the same, trio is actually a rebadged for webb boiler... I think out of the 3 that is the easiest to find around here....
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