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ZmanZman Member Posts: 3,480
This subject came up in another thread.

I think it is worthy of it's own.

I recently forwarded this article from Dan's newsletter to my favorite insulation contractor.

They did some research into which products they distribute contain HBCD.

The "Bayseal" spray foam did not.

They were told that Dow "Blueboard" does.

They also indicated that all further requests for information were forwarded to  Dow's legal department.

 Does anyone have any additional information?

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Albert Einstein


  • SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,356

    I should have known there would be something like this.

    BTW, I have a question about the "closed cell" label.  I've been told that EPS and XPS are 100% closed cell, while polyiso is 90% or 95% closed.  Anyone have more info?

    I've had my hands (and nose) on 25 year waterlogged walk-in panels and I've seen 40+ year old XPS dock floats that are still floating.

    Think I'll stick with damp-spray cellulose above ground.
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