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Steam Pipe Coils and Sprinkler Heads

I was wondering what the thoughts are on the proximity of these sprinkler heads and this (lovely) steam pipe coil.

The mid-1950's Yorkair / Barber-Colman a/c climate control system with the (now freeze damaged) steam reheat coil in it failed in every possible way over a decade ago (let alone that the water towers rotted out). Regardless, the drop ceiling has come out as has most of the ductwork associated with the forced air system. The unit takes a lot of floor space and will be removed as well (as most of the others have been). The original factory timber ceilings will be exposed again.

This is one of three spaces in the building that is a little short on perimeter steam fin tube and/or cast iron radiation due to the existence of these ceiling pipe coils, and wes disconnected as the space was served by the few of these HVAC units that did a little more than merely temper the make-up air with the steam coil.

No one has any idea if the pipe coil co-operated with the sprinkler system as it stands today. Everything up there shows the same pre-drop ceiling / pre HVAC paint job, yet the pipe plugs on both ends of the pipe coil, supply and return connections are unpainted and don't look very old.

Should the temp range on the heads immediately surrounding the coil be upped? 175? 200? I'm thinking going up to 250° is overkill.

I thank you for any input anyone might have on this one.


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