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Hello every one,I recently replaced a boiler(Federal,about195btus)in a four family bldg,with a Burnham independence 275btus, i had a  company from the yellow pages come and install it.The old boiler went when  Hurricane Sandy struck.Ever since it was installed there is ferocious banging in the bldg, thru the radiators and the pipes its driveing me crazy.So I browse the internet and found this web site,and i got the book by Dan(We got steam heat) boy what an eye opener!!,Lo and behold on page 78 where he describe how the risers have to be piped,the WRONG WAY was the way the company installed it,i even check the manufacture manual and the diagram was pictured the RIGHT WAY as Dan has it in book.I even took pics.And the manufactured prints under the diagram,and i quote"failure to pipe boiler as specified in this manual may result in excessive system noise,water line fluctuations and water carry over"My question is should i get another contractor to come in take a look and get a written statement saying it was piped Wrongly or should i confront the company? I am not a professional but its clearly there to see. I was charged $9000 for installation and boiler, i don't want this boiler going out before its time. I have to say Great Book i know more now about steam heat than i did before,and its all basic common sense, thank you Dan.


  • Ferocious Banging

    I would call the contractor up directly and tell him that you are having problems with the installation of the new boiler: ferocious banging in the piping that wasn't there before.  Say that you have reviewed the instruction manual and the way he piped it was not the way the manufacturer specified and that you would like him to come back and correct the installation.  He may hum and haw and try to get out of it, but you should persist in a nice way.

    Can you take some pictures of the piping and boiler and post them here?  We'd like to them.
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    You paid for a proper installation, you should get a proper installation. It can always be settled legally if needed. Any contractor who installs a boiler like that will probably not believe that it's wrong. You can have someone else fix it and send the old company the bill.
    - Joe Starosielec
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