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Disassemble Burnham V1113

Heh Guys,

I have to replace all the nipples of a Burnham V1113. I have takend boilers apart but to date they have all been Smiths and had gaskets on them. Anyone have any advice on breaking apart the boiler in general. I don't won't to lose our ass on this and don't want to damage any of the sections. There is a leak at the number 7 section. So we are going to take it apart which shouldn't be too bad but I am worried about the nipples. Any and all advice would be appreciated. This boiler is about 12 years old.




  • sdcsdc Member Posts: 12
    good luck

    been there, done that. Its wasn't any fun.....Make sure you have the right size rope gasket, comes with the nipple kit if I remember correctly. I didnt have any major problems removing the nipples...tapped out slowly and evenly with a piece of round stock from behind. Hopefully you dont have to replace any sections because I dont think the newly manufactured sections fit that age of boiler. We have replaced alot of the V9 with Buderus". I personally wont do a job like that unless we go time and material after trying to fit up new sections into the V9....alot of frustration on something that should be that hard.
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