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Taco FuelMizer

Any experience with the Taco FuelMizer? Pretty cheap online, but I note it does not display boiler temp and setup is rudimentary.

Also, it has an "optional" connection to the circulator pump, but no indication in the literature why one would or would not tie the pump into it.

This is going into a three zone system with a Taco zone controller.

Thanks in advance.


  • paulpaul Member Posts: 91
    taco fuel mizer

    i installed the fuelmizer in the middle of dec. and it has run as advertised. i have noticed the pumps are now running longer which was to be expected. go to the "search the wall at the top of this page. NOT the site search in the top right hand corner, Before you get to green line break. in the middle of the page it says " search the wall", type in "taco fuelmizer" and you will see pictures of my install. If you want to see a video go to "

    and go to electronic controls and to fuel mizer they have a video of how to instll and setup the control. paul
  • Dave HDave H Member Posts: 269
    Circ connection

    The FuelMizer is meant to be a circ relay for a new system. If you already have a circ setup, then you can use the FuelMizer as a boiler reset. Use it to just interrupt the boiler TT contacts. Setup is fairly straightforward, choose what temp outside you want the boiler to fire up to 180F, also with the dip switches, let it know what type of boiler is installed by choosing either min temp of 140 (non-condensing) or 70 (condensing).

    If you need to see the target temp and the actual temps on a digital readout, then you can use the Taco PC-700. It costs more but gives you more.

    Dave H.
    Dave H
  • LittlelandlordLittlelandlord Member Posts: 8
    Taco FuelMizer

    Thanks guys, I had gone thru the product literature but you pointed me to some additional material, including the FloPro blog, that I had missed. Appears that it might not be a bad idea to wire the circulator to the FuelMizer, which would then provide thermal purge on pre 2012 units. (My "temporary" boiler was an emergency purchase, the last sorta ok sized POS unit that was in stock at my usual supplier the week after the hurricane on LI.).

    BTW, a belated happy birthday to the boss here. He helped me have endless hours of fun tweaking my old boilers many years ago in some brownstones in Brooklyn. Steam heat shall rise again!
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