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Rinnai R53i-1

Paul SPaul S Member Posts: 1,220
hey everyone....i am having a problem with a rinnai tankless water

heater model#r53i-1....they have intermittent problems with the hot

water....for example it will lite then lockout 10 seconds later....then

there will be times that it will stay firing while the water is being

used for 20 straight minutes.....this rinnai water heater was installed

by a unknown company...there is no digital display to view fault codes

or adjust temp.....factory default for water temp is at 120f.....rinnai

heater is vented vertically about 14 ft to roof(the condensate drain on

the pvc vent has a plug in it , not drained)....i called the tech

support line and the technician couldnt really help me because the

digital display wasnt there....he asked me to checked the clear rubber

hose connected to gasvalve which is connected i think to the combustion

chamber and there was water in the tube????.....the technician told me

it was a faulty gas valve(coil sticking??) question ishow would

water get into that rubber hose ??? and does anyone think its a faulty

gas valve???

                           Paul S
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