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Hot spot at top of indirect hot water heater

28W28W Member Posts: 141
I have a Crown Mega-Stor indirect hot water heater connected to my mod-con system. The water heater's exterior feels cool to the touch (indicating good insulation) in all spots except one. On the top of the heater, in the center, there is a small, flat-topped "dome". This feels quite warm, indicating heat loss. Is this normal?


  • Larry (from OSHA)Larry (from OSHA) Member Posts: 677
    it could be

    that the insulation under the handhole inspection cover is not as effective as the rest of the tank insulation.  Or there might not be any there at all.  Check your documentation. 

    Hope you are enjoying your new condensing boiler too.

  • 28W28W Member Posts: 141
    I think that is exactly what it is.

    There is no insulation under the handhole inspection cover.

    Yes, I'm loving the new boiler. Converted from oil to gas, and the savings are significant.
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