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Any reviews or thoughts on HTP elite FT boiler

clammyclammy Member Posts: 1,996
Just wondering if anyone has installed one and what they thought ,looking at a job and it looks like the best fit for the job .Thanks peace and good luck clammy


  • tim smithtim smith Member Posts: 2,226
    Re: heat transfer ft boiler

    Basically a Triangle in a wolfs clothing.  Same trimax control, same heat x pretty much as their original design.  I have installed a few as replacments for Munchie as they offer the upgrade to this boiler at an attractive price when leaker under warranty. If I am selling a new job I go usually with Triangle as they have supported me well. Good crew to deal with at Triangle.  Heat transfer has not been Baaaad but Triangle much better.
  • Steve WhitbeckSteve Whitbeck Member Posts: 669
    Fire tube

    They use the same electronics that HTP uses on all of it's residential boilers.

    The new fire tube heat exchanger is the same one used by everyone.

    I am installing one right now and don't see any problems with them.
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