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Does a Stainless Steel Chimney liner need annual cleaning?

Steve GarsonSteve Garson Member Posts: 619
My liner install says that I need annual cleaning to maintain the liner warranty. Only burning natural gas. My instinct tells me it not necessary.

What is the right answer?


Boston, MA
Steve from Newton, MA


  • JackJack Member Posts: 941
    As it is a SS liner

    The manuf is probably expecting it to be used on a solid fuel appliance and as such, the cleaning requirement would be correct. I would expect otherwise on a gas fired appliance. I'd check with them directly and please post their reply.
  • Bob HarperBob Harper Member Posts: 732
    cleaning liners

    Most liners I'm familiar with require an annual inspection for maintaining the warranty and sweeping only as required. Solid fuel requires sweeping at least annually, if not monthly depending upon use/ burning characteristics/ etc. Oil requires sweeping when the burner is not properly setup or operating.

    Gas fired liners should never require sweeping but should be inspected annually.

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