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Wirsbo zone valve

I have a 1" Wirsbo Uponor valve, not sure of the model, but may be a A3070526. I found these numbers on a similar looking valve I found doing an internet search, but cannot find any model numbers on the valve. There is a green stripe on the top and the bottom of the front of the valve, if that helps identify it.

My question is can I troubleshoot this on a bench with a plug in 24 volt transformer? I think something might be wrong with the end switch. When the bedroom calls for heat, the boiler (wielMclane CGs-4) with a 1107-1 Integrated boiler control snaps in and out and sounds all crazy. Shutting down the t-stat stops the control from acting goofy.  I took off the actuator and thinking to hook up 24 volts to the motor leads and see if the end switch closes, or would I hook up to the end switch and see if the motor opens the valve? The actuator shows continuity through the motor and 22ohms. I just want to be sure I got this right and not be throwing parts at this. Any suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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