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GB142/60 Problem

MpjMpj Member Posts: 109
Hello All,

I inherited a Buderus GB142/60 boiler 6L problem. The previous contractor replaced the hot surface ignitor. and still had the same problem. The he told the homeowner that there was something else wrong, the owner told him not to come back and called me in to take a look. I checked the power supplying the Hot surface ignitor and got a 129 volts, got continuity through the ignitor. Spoke with Buderus and they asked to check the gas valve when I checked the gas valve I found a broken pin in the low voltage harness, Buderus recommended to change the harness. Replaced the harness, still got a 6L. I had a new UBA and installed it to see what happen and the boiler fired up. Checked the gas/ratio and all was fine. Now 24 hours later a new 6L shows up. I have to back in the AM. Any ideas what to look for? The ground seems good, I am out of ideas.


This boiler was in a flooded area but it did not get wet. The gas meter was partially underwater. Gas valve problem maybe?


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