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Gas heater starts and restarts


I have a 15 year old Bryant gas heater that starts and restarts

The furnace starts sucking in air , the burners turns on, hot air blows out then the burners turn off , hot air seems to continue to blow for about two minutes, I think it turns off because I hear a clicking sound the it starts all over again.


  • unclejohnunclejohn Member Posts: 902
    Error code

    There should be a window in the blower door that has a lihght behind it.It blinks long and short flashes. Whats the number. If the light is steady on have you installed a humidifer or new tstat recently? 
  • enviro127enviro127 Member Posts: 4
    Gas heater starts and restarts

    When the blower comes on do the burners remain lit at all while it blows?? Or do they immediately go out, blower finishes it's cycle, then the process repeats??

    Also, has anything changed very recently?  Such as a newly installed thermostat, or a newly installed humidifier??
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