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Munchkin 80M - How To Replace Exhaust Pipe? Mine Leaks

Hey guys, I own a Munchkin 80M and the exhaust leaks where the PVC goes into the back of the unit. I took the PVC out and noticed the gasket is ripped. I guess this was a common installation issue, so Munchkin redesigned the "band clamp" so installers wouldn't rip the gasket when pushing the PVC in.

I purchased a new band clamp, or exhaust fitting, but my question is, how do I install it? The hose clamp portion is so buried it looks like I'd have to almost completely disassemble the boiler to access it. It does look like maybe I could sneak in the back and undo the back hose clamp with a small wrench...

Just looking for tips if any of you have tackled this problem before. Thanks!!


  • I remember

    doing this once and  yes, your diagnosis and solution are the same thing I came up with.  We disconnected the boiler from its piping so that we could pull it forward enough to remove the old coupling and install the new one.  And it sounds as though you discovered that space under the insulation behind the fire box for further access to the coupling.
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