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Repacking Steam Rad Valves

Happy soon to be Thanksgiving all!


On my one pipe system 3 out of the 8 rad valves are leaking steam at the valve.  They need to be repacked.  Any ideas on which packing I should use before I start wandering around the plumbing supply store?

Both for the stem and the seat connection just under the stem.

Thanks for info...

"Hey, it looks good on you though..."


  • Valve packing

    Graphite impregnated string is used for replacing. What is your pressure? --NBC
  • Steam_StarterSteam_Starter Member Posts: 87


    just under 2 psi out

    0.5 psi in

    I used the string and lo and behold, no more leaking!

    Sorry it took so long for me to respond but I have been "recovering" from Thanksgiving..

    "Hey, it looks good on you though..."
  • RobRob Member Posts: 29
    Tighten the Packing Nuts.

    I just repacked my radiator shutoff valves a few weeks ago, and found they loosened up.  I think the string settles in after a few heating cycles requiring the re-tightening of the nuts to seal the valve stem.
  • BanBan Member Posts: 79
    Packless Valves

    How does the Dunham packless valve work (they have wood handles). I have yet to take one apart.
    Richard Ban

    Detroit, Michigan (Dunham 2-pipe vacuum)
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