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Invest in Water Treatment Companies

Hello Friends,

Water treatment companies provide a range of services, from purifying tap water to treating wastewater for eventual release back into the environment. Niche markets within the industry can provide investing opportunities for just about any level of risk tolerance, and as the world's population grows, investors have begun to look at water treatment companies as an increasingly important and profitable industry. By identifying your specific objectives, you can be successful when investing in water treatment companies no matter how big or small your portfolio.

Best Regards,

Harry Potterish

Water Treatment Companies


  • billbill Member Posts: 429

    Hi Harry - Well I've identified my objectives and they are to NOT lose money!

    Can you be a little more specific as to what are the (HOT) water treatment stocks?
  • PotterishPotterish Member Posts: 13
    edited November 2012
    Invest in Water Stocks

    Hi bill,

    Just little thing on Invest in Water Stocks I want to share with you:

    Every child in school knows water is one of the most basic human needs, and most investors understand that water is a critical and strategic natural resource. And yet, pure plays on water are extraordinarily rare in the stock market. Most equities that are considered “water stocks” are really companies that provide technology for the pumping, piping or filtration of water and wastewater. These tend to be cyclical business that can be in either feast or famine depending on the state of the economy. Other so-called water stocks simply hold leases on land above underground water sources as a sole asset and may lack any means of actually utilizing the water that is technically owned.

    Look for catalysts. Did a company get a new no bid contract with a foreign government or municipality? Or, did it just have to issue more stock to fund yet another geologic survey. Even a stock intended to be a long term investment is better bought before a positive catalyst than after.

    Best Regards,

    Harry Potterish

    Water Treatment Companies
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