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Replacment boiler

Hello, it's coming time to replace the old original boiler in my 1965 home. The current boiler is a Burnham holiday series 1, 100k input, 80k out, 60k ibr on the tag. Boiler is just for heat, separate 40g hot water for domestic.

I think the boiler is WAY oversized. My home is a ranch, 1,150 sq foot main floor, but it does have a full basement below grade, the garage is attached beside the house. Brick with 2x4 insulated walls, attic 2x6 insulated floor with full sheeting floor. Windows are 2009 vinyl that qualified for the tax credit. Using the slant fin app, I calculated the whole house including the basement at a 0* design (Pgh pa) and came up with 36,000 btu heat loss

The baseboards are 9" base rays.

I really like Burnhams ES2-3 boiler. But is the 70k in 51k out still too big?

I do not do any setbacks, I usually set the thermo at 69* in October and never touch it till March. Currently, unless the air temp is below 15* the boiler temp rarely heats above 140* before the call is satisfied. I realize that is due to being 'over radiated', but wouldn't it be better for a smaller boiler to run a bit longer (at a lower btu input) to get to this temp? Now the draft hood barely gets warm before shutting back down.

Also, I plan to line the chimney w/5" and combine the 4" boiler and 3" hot water tank with a 3x4x5 wye, and block off the hot water only stack that is being used now for the hot water tank.

Should I insulate the 5" liner?

Thanksmformany help you can offer.


  • ZmanZman Member Posts: 3,476

    You would be a great candidate for a Triangle Tube prestige 60. Outdoor reset is built in. I would eventually do indirect for DHW. You would need a separate flue.

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  • HotrodHotrod Member Posts: 8

    I took a look and buy time I would line my current chimney, the cost of the solo 60 would not be far off. I do have a few questions.

    Can the solo 60's inlet be from outside air as well?

    Can both inlet and outlet be vented up the old chimney using the chimney as a chase? The chimney is about 19' from crown to the thimble in the basement and it does not share any other venting from any other appliance.

    Direct venting through a wall is out of the question, the whole basement is below grade and the equipment/chimney is in the center of the house, not against any outside wall.

    Lastly, do I understand correctly that the vent need to have a drain as well?

    thanks again
  • GordanGordan Member Posts: 891
    edited November 2012
    The vent needs no drain

    The boiler has a built-in condensate drain with a trap. The vent needs to drain into the boiler - that is, sloped toward the boiler and no place for condensate to get trapped. That condensate trap will need to be piped to a drain; they make condensate pumps if you don't have a drain nearby. You will also need to neutralize the condensate (they make little contraptions filled with limestone chips for that purpose; they're not expensive.)

    The boiler can take inside or outside air. You can use the chimney as a chase but be sure that the piping is supported per manufacturer's recommendations. I suggest that you download the installation guide and the prestige venting supplement (google is your friend) and make sure that this would work for your application.
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