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Burner on Time

BurntoacrispBurntoacrisp Member Posts: 20
Just a simple (maybe) question. What is considered to be a long steady run? Five minutes? 10 minutes? Mine runs a average of 5-6 mins with a cal for heat and the circulator running. Is this too short? 


  • chapchap70chapchap70 Member Posts: 130
    This time of year shorter than dead of winter

    Most oil boilers are oversized for the heating load since even a 3 section boiler (smallest oil boiler) is too big for an average insulated home.  If there is hot water for showers, etc.  the burner will run for longer.

    Our 3 section Peerless WBV boiler has burner on times of between 5 and 10 minutes in the middle of the winter when we are not using the hot water.  The house is about 2400 square feet on Long Island.
  • BurntoacrispBurntoacrisp Member Posts: 20
    Run time

    Thanks chap.
  • SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    buffer tank

    coupled with a constant circulation loop and an ODR-controlled mixing valve can work well here.

    A reverse indirect can be used in place of the buffer tank (with some loss of tank capacity due to the higher minimum temp.)
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