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   This is all facts , no stretching the truth, just the facts. I hope everyone who chooses to read the letter keeps a open mind. It is not meant to bad mouth anyone manufacturing or chemical company or any individual I would hope most of you good folks know the 39th is basically from south of the Great State of Virginia.

   410a in the north will be known as the greatest refrigerant for heat pumps and some of the worse night mares known to the south. Can anybody out there tell me what happens when the outdoor temp is 95 degrees or higher and the indoor temp is 82 degree gs, this is simple, 410a will not work on hvac equipment, chillers and many other products.

   I recently taught a class to a national service company and the biggest question was why do we get so many no cooling calls and when we get out there the unit is working. Very simple in the deep south where we get 95 and higher for day on ends the unit is just going out on either high head or internal relief. Now here is something that will really make you stop and think, A major manufacturing company which I have great respect for makes a six ton straight cooling condenser. On a 95 plus day this 13 seer rating falls to a 9 seer and looses 13,000 BTU capacity.if you want more of the letter email me. There are many other down falls. What makes matters even worse is all the poor practices we have allowed our industry to develop, I am referring to our lack of proper skills and procedures on dealing with sealed systems.

Peace Be With You

David C. Broome  


  • TonySTonyS Member Posts: 849

    I installed several ductless units this summer with outdoors over 95 and indoor over 85 when I started them and they cooled well.

    But your right about 410a being the best heat pump refrigerant. It works great.
  • TechmanTechman Member Posts: 2,144
    edited November 2012
    I care

    Hi David ,I contacted you thru the wall ,please send me a copy of your letter. Thanks. I believe @ the higher temps the 410a gets very close to its critical P/T on its chart.
  • John MillsJohn Mills Member Posts: 767

    We had more days over 100° last year than any time since the dust bowl. My 410 unit didn't lose any temp drop and we had NO complaints from customers with 410 equipment. Our Rheem heat pumps lock out if the head pressure switch trips 3 times in a cycle. Not 1 call for that. While I still love good old 22, I'm not finding 410 to be a problem even after what we just went through. Haven't read of issues in the desert either. 
  • unclejohnunclejohn Member Posts: 912

    No problems here in the DC area as well. Had a unit that was way over charged a year ago. Sub cooling was 25*f on a Carrier unit that nameplate said 10*f SB. Customer wasn't real happy when I told him not only did he have to pay me for the service call [ installing Co. would no longer return his calls they said there was no problem ] but he had to pay me for the refrg. reclaime as well. But at least it works fine now.
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