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Buderus Logomatic 2107

Optimus77Optimus77 Member Posts: 1

I just had my buderus G115WS/4 with logomatic 2107 last week. I took a peek at the "Hours Run" display on the logomatic and it currently read the number "4". I find it hard to believe that the burner ran for a total of 4 hours in a week, since I am not heating the house and it is in WWSD mode. I also hear the burner turn on from time to time, probably once every 4-5 hours with a run time of a couple of minutes at a time.

Any ideas of this?




  • IronmanIronman Member Posts: 3,542
    Do You Have an Indirect?

    Did your installer set up the 2107? Is he trained on it?

    The factory defaults are not a "one size fits all".
    Bob Boan

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