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Boiler leaking ... safe to throw valve?

I have a very old gas-fired boiler, The New Yorker, S-131-AP, 113,900 Btu/hr output.  I know nothing about its operation.  We hired a technician to come out and maintain it and were told there was no maintenance to be performed.

A leak developed on an outside pipe, in a joint labeled 1/2" 9D-M3 Backflow Preventer.  This is right next to a bell-shaped device whose label I cannot read.

I'm clueless and there are pipes going everywhere.  The valve handle nearest the leak (I'll call this handle "A") stops the leak, but I'm reluctant to throw any valves without knowing what I'm doing.  For now I am channeling the leak to buckets while I seek knowledge.  Before I discovered the leak, the water had run all over a cluster of electrical devices protruding from the front of the boiler (power to the unit has been off for months).

Picture attached, but here's the sequence of pipes starting from outside the room (and honestly I don't know which direction is which): there's a 3/4-inchish pipe from outside to a T joint, one branch of which (the NON-leaking branch) splits again and both sides run into the unit (still small pipes), with some kind of tiny T-valve on one that leads to another small pipe (with a shutoff handle) leaving the room. The other branch from the first T I described passes through shutoff handle "A" on its way to the section with the bell on top, then joins a larger pipe that has an upright cylinder sticking out of lit (shaped like an upside-down radio tube), and this larger pipe goes into the boiler through some kind of electrical box, as well as down through the floor.

Leaking perhaps a gallon every several minutes if that matters.

Grateful for any assistance ... I don't want to do something stupid.

Hoping I can just throw the lever and call for help, but do I call HVAC or plumber?


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