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Outdoor Reset

Any recommendations for an outdoor reset that can be used to adjust both baseboard/ DHW  and in slab radiant heat. 

I have 3 way manual adjustable mixing valves for the floor heat.  Would I need to purchase new mixing valves that are adjusted by the outdoor reset.

Thanks in advance.


  • ZmanZman Member Posts: 3,478

    Tekmar makes great products for this application. I would put the DHW on priority then use a motorized mixing valve controlled by the tekmar for the radiant . Many manual valves can be adapted with a motor.
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  • wrxz24wrxz24 Member Posts: 285
    honeywell am

    is there a particular control system/motors  for the use with these types of mixing valves ?
  • kcoppkcopp Member Posts: 2,746
    Before you....

    do that..... what do you have for a boiler? Baseboard usually is not mixed down.

    The valve I like to use is the Taco iValve.... it does outdoor reset and mixes all  in one easy package.
  • wrxz24wrxz24 Member Posts: 285
    Smith GV100

    with baseboard and in floor radiant (concrete slab). 
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