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Wanted - Heat Timer EPC panel for parts

I am looking for and old Heat-Timer EPC steam control (green panel)  with 30 minute cycle time. Need not be working. What I really need is the 30 minute cycle motor to convert an existing 60 minute cycle model to 30 minute cycle.

If anyone happens to replace one of these with a more modern control, let be know before you dispose of it.

Thanks, Mike K.


  • gennadygennady Member Posts: 677

    Why don't you just make another cut out on the wheel?
    Gennady Tsakh

    Absolute Mechanical Co. Inc.
  • PlanBPlanB Member Posts: 1
    pulling heat-time epc

    I need help picking a replacement and then I will pull the EPC

    We have a WM eg-75 steam only boiler and I would like a simple timer with weather man only.

    I would like to cycle the boiler on for morning and early evening use. most all residents are not here during the day. Not much more than that

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