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Old GE Boiler Help

Just replaced a 60 year old GE boiler (oil) with a new Buderus. I believe the installer has plumbed it incorrectly....connecting supply side of boiler to return side of system and return side of boiler to supply side of system. The new Buderus (Logano G215) has the supply side on the top and the return on the bottom. I was told by another HVAC installer that the old GE boilers had the supply on the bottom and the return on the top and I think the installer plumbed the new boiler without realizing this. Can someone tell me if that is true or not? I have posted a pic of the old boiler without the cosmetic jacket. The two smaller copper outlets are for the DHW. On the GE, where is the supply side, top or bottom of the boiler?My circulator pumps are on the return side of my system. When the pumps are running, they are moving water into what is supposed to be the supply side of the new Buderus boiler. This is in reverse to how this boiler should operate. When the pumps are not running the flow then becomes correct out of the boiler supply. The really bad thing is when the pumps are running and the boiler turns on, the aquastat is really sensing return water and doesn't shut off until the return water temp is 180 degrees! The actual boiler water temp is 241 degrees at that point!


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