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Weil-McLain GV-4

Bought a new 1013-200 that replaces the 1013-100 boiler control unit for my gv-4.

Am I correct in my understanding that I can just plug it in. I have the taco 007 circulator.

Apparently if I had the upgraded one I would need to use the included cable?


  • Do you have

    two circulators one a system circulator and the other a bypass circulator? If so just plug in the harness as it is on the boiler. If not then they sent you a harness with the 1013-200 is that correct?
  • .

    just have 1 circulator. A new harness was included with the control unit. I don't think I need it. Right?
  • If you have just one circulator

    you will not need it. Did you get a small "jumper" with the 1013-200? If so it will need to be plugged into the new unit unless you have a sensor (thermistor) on the return pipe to the boiler, if so then it plugs into the board.
  • .

    nope, just the control and the harness
  • It may

    already be in place on the 1013-200.
  • Boiler Control module

    I also need to replace my control module 1013-100 and have been wondering if the 1013-200 would work. Did you get this control module to work on your Boiler, mind is same as your's with a single pump.
  • Marty it will work

    it is Weil McLains replacement for the 1013-100 and other Integrated Boiler Controls from Weil McLain.
  • Boiler Control module

    Thanks Tim, I thought it would just wanted to hear conformation from someone else.
  • Boiler Control module

    Thanks Tim, I thought it would just wanted to hear conformation from someone else.
  • rrj412rrj412 Posts: 1
    looking for 1013-200

    Hello, I have a Weil-McClain GOLD GV-6 boiler (approx 20 yrs old) I believe the original United Technologies control p/n 1013-100 has become faulty and I would like to know where I can obtain a replacement? It looks like this unit has been replaced by p/n W-M p/n 382-200-448 or UT p/n 1013-200.

    Thanx for any info
  • Module 1013-200

    I was lucky and found my

    Module 1013-200 replacement

    on Ebay a yr or so ago for less than $50. Don't see any for sale right now but keep checking.

    Google it for suppliers
  • Tim McElwainTim McElwain Posts: 3,849
    F.W. Webb is a

    Weil McLain dealer so if you can find one near you they will be able to get it for you.
  • icesailoricesailor Posts: 7,265

    If that is a Series 2, they have an upgrade module. You may be looking for an older OEM module. I have a customer with a GV-4 that was going off all the time. A gas provider serviced the gas. When the owner had no heat, they called the gas guy. When they started having no hot water, they started calling me. I finally got PO'ed and changed the control to the upgrade. It hasn't failed once/since.

    I can't imagine getting any good new controls on E-Bay. Do they come with a warranty that you can use?
  • GV-4

    installed upgraded control beginning of summer and hasn't shut off since. At $50 I didn't expect a warranty 
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