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Help me raise an Eagle

My godson, Andrew Leich, is one of the finest young men I know and he's working to become an Eagle scout, which is a very tough thing to do. He gives me hope in a troubled world. Here he is:

Hi All,

My name is Andrew Leich and I am a Life Scout from Troop 351. Recently, I started working on my Eagle Scout project and am looking for monetary donations to help get things moving. I have taken the opportunity to help my church by renovating one of the main rooms. The Eagle Scout project will take place at St. John’s Lutheran Church.

Specifically, the project will pertain to a room inside the church known as “the Fellowship Hall.” This room, after years of strenuous use, has degraded in many of its aspects, such as the walls and floor.   It is my intention to fully restore this room, and make it available for use by the church and all the groups that meet there. However, this is not an easy task, as in order to fully restore the room, it will take close to $4000. With your help and support, I will be able to re-paint and re-floor the entire room. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.Thank You,

Andrew Leich

Life Scout

Troop 351

I've attached a PDF description of Andrew's project. It's one that would make any trades person proud.

I'm collecting donations to help with this project. If you can help, please go to PayPal and use the Send Money button, along with my email address: [email protected], to donate any amount you can swing.

I appreciate you. Thanks. 



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