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5" double wall DSP like oil flue pipe (not low temp)

AkBrianAkBrian Member Posts: 8
Who makes a smoke pipe similar to the Selkirk DS(P) series double wall connector pipe in a 5" ID?  This is for my ordered Thermo Pride OH6, which requires  5" pipe, rather than the 6" my current furnace uses.  TP says is should be rated for at least  1000 degree F maximum temperature.  It will be tough to get the 18" clearance local code requires for single wall pipe, even though TP only requires a 7" flue clearance, due to a low basement ceiling.  Everything I've seen so far is for low temperature venting.  Anybody aware of such a product?  I don't have room for an expander right at the furnace, and would prefer to avoid venting out the side of the furnace if I can. A double wall 90 deg elbow in 5" would be perfect! I could then expand to my current 6" double wall after that.

Is anybody aware of such a 5" pipe?


  • JackJack Member Posts: 951
    you can try

    Dura-vents DVL and Metal-fab. Not sure if it is 5" though. These pipes are L-vent which of course meets our NFPA 31 venting requirement for oil. Pellet vent is L-vent also in 3 & 4". The 4" has come in handy at times. Look over Appendix E in 31 for sizing "guidelines". I say guidelines because we were never able to get that part into the code. From the people I've spoken with who have used E the sizing were spot on. I think you will find 4 & 6.

    According to Rich Krajewski from Brookhaven, who did the work with John Strasser on the Appendix E, the best thing you could do to improve your vent performance, with metal chimney, lined or unlined masonry was to use an insulated vent connector.
  • AkBrianAkBrian Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for the reply

    I still seem to be striking out, but thank you for the information.
  • AkBrianAkBrian Member Posts: 8
    Noticed a difference between old DS and new DSP pipe.

    I noticed something interesting.  My old 6" Selkirk double wall DS connector pipe (~15-20 years old) is rated for wood, gas, and liquid fuel, per it's UL sticker.  The new DSP pipe specs only mentions wood, but it looks identical.  BTW, my old pipe looks fine on the inside, no signs of corrosion. I'm not quit sure whats up with the change in spec.
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