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Menorah On 1/4" NPT ?

My current main vent is a Gorton #1 3/8" mounted on a reducing coupler because my original vent was an old 1/4" straight D vent.

Can I make a Vent Menorah using 1/4" npt tee's, nipples and Gorton D 1/4" straight vents ?

I am concerned that if I use the reducing coupler and 3/8" npt tee's, nipples, and Gorton #1's that I will be putting more weight on that 70 year old tap into my main than was originally designed for.

Thanks for the help.


  • Vent Hole

    You probably could. If you're worried about it being weak you can reinforce it with some JB Weld epoxy. You didn't mention the size of your main but why not just tap it out to a bigger size - 3/8 or 1/2 inch pipe.

    - Rod
  • SteamHeat
    SteamHeat Member Posts: 159
    It Takes Courage.

    It takes courage and confidence to drill into pipe layed out 70 years ago by men long since gone. Intellectually, I know that there would probably be minimal risk of complications, but I am not ready to have my installer take a drill to my 2 inch main, yet. Murphy's law, you see. :-)

    I will, eventually, because the current taping is right at the top of the dry return and I've seen Brad's drawing that you thoughtfully re-posted. Right now, I really need Antlers not a Menorah, but again, I am shy about straining that old old taping. So, I'll try it with 4 D's and a Menorah.

    Right now I am just trying to avoid a short cycle when the Vaporstat is installed.
  • SteamHeat
    SteamHeat Member Posts: 159
    Bungee ?

    Something occurred to me.

    I had not wanted to use pipe strap hanger for extra support, because I thought it might be too restrictive of movement during thermal expansion and contraction.

    But since this is a short section of nipples, valves and fittings is there any type of elastic / bungee cord type of material that can withstand the temperatures involved here? If I could take the extra weight off with a flexible cord / band I could actually use the Antler Vent layout.

    Anyone know of anything like that?

  • Paul Fredricks_3
    Paul Fredricks_3 Member Posts: 1,557

    You could always put something around the pip, like a piece of rigid insulation, with a piece of sheetmetal over it. Then put a regular bungee around that.
  • SteamHeat
    SteamHeat Member Posts: 159
    I Did Not Think Of That :-)

    That is an excellent suggestion.

    Okay then I can make a 3/8" NPT Antler Vent with Gorton #1's and use your Bungee / Insulation / Sheet Metal setup idea to counterbalance the weight.

    Thank you.
  • Paul Fredricks_3
    Paul Fredricks_3 Member Posts: 1,557

    That will be $5 please

  • Block it up.

    I think you worrying about something that won't happen. If you use a menorah, the weight is balanced. If you use an "antler"  it should be above the main pointed up stream to the condensate flow (that way the water has to do a U turn) and you can just fit a wooden support block under it. Quite frankly if your pipe couldn't support it freestanding , you need to replace your pipe. It's a lot stronger than you think! 

    - Rod
  • SteamHeat
    SteamHeat Member Posts: 159
    The Taping Is A Senior Citizen.

    The pipe looks secure, though I am not ready yet to have my pro drill and tap into a new area on it because "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." :-)

    My worry point is the original taping. The threads on the fitting have 70+ years of corrosion on them and I do not want to damage the threads with extra weight from the menorah or antler.

    Even though the menorah should be balanced, I suspect there will still be some more weight on one side versus the other.

    I figure if an antler or menorah is counterbalanced by something like a bungee(s) or, as you thoughtfully suggested, a properly sized block(s) of wood, the threads should be no more burdened than if the original D vent was still inserted there.
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