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Hydronic Toe Kick Heater Installation

DYIHelpDYIHelp Member Posts: 1
I'm remodeling my kitchen and would like to install Hydronic Toe Kick Heaters under my cabinets. My current heating source is gas forced air.

I live in a 1600 sf lofted condo with 15' ceilings and I'm always loosing heat.  The Toe Kick heaters would supplement the gfa heating system, and a new bedroom I'm making by putting up a wall.

Can water lines be install and hooked-up to my current 40 gallon hot water heater, or do I need to purchase a separate hwh system like a boiler, and if so, then my second question is:

Are very small boilers or steam systems available to attached to the toe kick heaters for condo buildings.  I'm looking at the Myson Heater, but their spec are very vague. 

I will not be doing this work myself.  I'm hiring a contractor, but want to get a head's up so when I inquire, I can understand.



  • jim lockardjim lockard Member Posts: 1,059
    Kitchen toespace

    Being a victim of Gas forced air myself, I installed electric heat mat under the tile in front of my kitchen cabinets. This heats the tile over a 3 x10 foot area and has made a difference.  A toe space heater using 130 degree or so water from a domestic heater may not give you the kind of heat you need, not to mention all the work involved with a heat exchanger, circulator piping and control. Perhaps an electric toe space heater would suit your application.
  • Dan HolohanDan Holohan Moderator Posts: 11,877
    I'm with you, Jim.

    I think that's the best solution to this one. And running the kick heater's water directly form the water heater would be a bad idea because that water would stagnate during the warmer months and could be a source of bacteria. Good call. 
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  • HDEHDE Member Posts: 142

    And don't forget, kickspace heater fans don't kick on till about 130+  
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